No. 1
How it works?
Once your payment and account info are received, one of our boosters will start the boost. All of our boosters are experimented in the field of boosting to quickly ensure a fast and qualified service.
No. 2
How can I be sure my account will not be stolen or my gold will be spent?
We assure honesty from our employees, however, know that your account will always remain linked to your e-mail address and we can't interfere with your security system provided by Overwatch
No. 3
The booster are allowed to spend my gold?
They are not authorized to use your gold unless you authorize them.
No. 4
How many boosters will have access to my account?
Only one assigned booster will be authorized to have your account info. In case of any problem with your designated booster, another one will be assigned to your account.
No. 5
Can I contact the booster outside the game?
Booster and yourself can talk over the dashboard or you can contact the support if needed.
No. 6
What can I do if i’m not satisfied of my assigned booster or the results?
in this case, please contact our support team and they will solve any problem you have at the moment.
No. 7
What can I do if I get ban or reported?
Firstly, know our booster are professionals and will never use chat on your accounts in a negative way. If the ban it can be proven caused by our boosters, they’ll receive a proper punishment, but we assume no responsability for banishment or reports, more than investigate and give you another booster if the assiged one is the cause.
No. 8
How long the boost will take?
Except heroes leveling for whom time may vary according your order (ex: lvl1 to lvl20), we ensure a maximum boosting time of 72h.
No. 9
Can I play in my account during the boost?
If you want to play during the boost, you can pause the order but please, be careful to des-pause your order when you stop playing and don’t think you’ll play again, so the booster can resume the boosting.
No. 10
What happens after i pay?
You’ll automatically be redirected to another tab where you’ll fill all the information needed to start your boost.
No. 11
Can I play with my assignated booster?
This is not available at the moment.
No. 12
Can i purchase promotion games? If so, how many games you guarantee victories?
Yes, we sell promotion games, and we guarantee 7 wins out of 10
No. 13
Which servers you have available for boosting?
For the moment, we are working on Europe, North America and Asia. Maybe we’ll add more servers in the future.
No. 14
My order was not taken by any booster or finished for more than 72H, can i get a refund?
If no one of our boosters can’t handle your order, you can ask and will have your money refunded.
No. 15
I send the wrong information about my server / my account, what do I do?
In this case please make sure to contact us. We will fix your order as soon as possible.
No. 16
I send the wrong information about my rank. What do I do?
Please make sure to quicky contact us that way we’ll be able to cancel and refund your order. After it’s canceled, you can automaticaly make another one with correct information.
No. 17
My order is completed but I’m not happy with the results. Can I be refunded?
If this happens, please contact support explaining exactly what happened, and together we will find a solution.
No. 18
I don’t have a paypal account. Can I use another payment system ?
Not at the moment, for safety reasons, we don’t use any other payment system on our website. Know that create a paypal account is easy, fast and secure, you can also link your credit card to your paypal account, for secure transactions online.
No. 19
Can I cancel my order?
If you want to cancel your order before or after a booster picked and start your boost, you’ll have to contact to support explaining the situation, in case a booster already started the boost the refund will get accordingly to the played games.
No. 20
My question is not answered in this FAQ. How can I contact you?
You can contact us via our website. We assure to answer you as soon as possible. We are working to add a live support chat.
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